Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Ladies and Gents,

It has rained so hard, the raindrops have become gallons, the puddles have become ponds, the lakes have become oceans, and I, Ladies and Gents, have become Amphibious. That is, I can type with both hands. And saying that, I've been getting really thirsty watching all that rain run down into the gutter. So thirsty, that the word Angles came to mind. That front table came to mind. And so, I did all the arithmetic, and lo, and behold, it is -- more than! -- mathematically possible for there to be a drink or two or three.

Do your part to stop the flood by us for a sporadic Drink -- but no walk, no Black Cat -- this Thursday at 6 p.m. Every beer you drain takes a pint out of the streets. Every shot you drink takes a shot out of the streets. Better than it being a drought, and us having to drink a pint of sand flavored with a wee little bitteen of fermented beverage. Rod, Mel, and I will also be collecting people, two by two, to ride our God-approved lean-to down the street, and into the promised land of .... Target. I really need to go to Target.

This has been an activation of the Emergency Drink But No Walk System. For periodic updates, please check out our blog http://drinkandwalk.blogspot.com/. In the event of a serious Drink Walk Emergency, you would be told where to Drink and where to Walk.


We will arrive at Angles around 6:00 p.m., where there is a sparse crowd at that hour, a dollar off all drinks, including a wide selection of beers and fancy drinks, a jukebox that features Joy Division and Louis Jordan and just about everything in-between, before, and after, and empty pool tables, if you want to shoot pool. Angles can be found precisely where Belmont runs into 18th Street, in Adams Morgan, a couple blocks north from the intersection of 18th and U, a couple blocks south from the intersection of 18th and Columbia, next to a Jumbo ("there's a fly on my") Slice, up a short staircase. Look for the sign "Angles" above the window or door. We will be in the front room.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

life's little pleasures

Is it any pleasure in life? And if it is any pleasure, what is it? A catfish sandwich? The bus showing up on time? Musing on I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby's cellmate? Calling the raise to see the flop? The prospect of some serious inflation? London broil? A nut cluster? A bigwig in the wigwam? Making a baking soda volcano in the sandbox? Putting a tack on someone's stool? In 10th grade architectural drafting class? While the kid went to ask the teacher a question? And the teacher came back? And said "Let's see what you got?" And hopped up onto the kid's chair? Where the tack was? And said "OOOOOHHH?" And grabbed his ass? You see? It is some pleasure in life. Uhum.

Take some pleasure. Join us for another round of Drink & Walk, the happy hours with stools, but no tacks. Beers but no inflation. And but a short walk from London Broil, nut clusters, and bigwigs. Flip a coin. Tails. See you there.