Monday, July 23, 2007

And now for: Hedge

Two of the Board -- Smiffus and Sexual Chocolate -- will be outta town this week, having mad Carolina adventures, so I will be The Board of Director, singular, for one week. Join me, and together, we can decide which America we belong to: The Industrial Loneliness of the Vacuum Cleaner Salesman, or the Hedge Groomed to Resemble a Burrito. My friend, Bobby Mason, was in a hedge, once. I wound up in that very hedge, after the cops chased me and some other folks at the mall, (long story), but Bobby was, like, **in the hedge,** he had been there for a while, and was planning to stay there for a while. Scared the bejeebus outta me. He may or may not have had some hallucinogens. Who knows? I sure don't. None of this ever happened and Drink & Walk is the tallest tale I know.

Join me for some tall-tale-telling this week, at 6:00, at the pub known as Angles. I will be there until 9:00 and likely thereafter, but if you plan to arrive late, lemme know, yo, and we can get a group together, antagonize some cops, and jump in the nearest hedge. Drinkers & Walkers of 103.10 -- if you're around -- let's see you this Thursday at some point, huh? Otherwise, rock on, and remember: Drink & Walk Wants You to Want Drink & Walk: "I drink & walk to walk you // I drink & walk to drink you // I walk & walk to walk you // I drink & drink to drink you." etc. Fuff. ---------Blood And


Blogger Blood And said...

And now for: Sport. And now for: Hedge. And now for: The Sport of Hallucinogens in the Hedge. BA

12:57 PM

Blogger mark wallace said...

This is the end, my beautiful friend/The End

5:26 PM

Blogger Blood And said...

Uh. Huh? BA

7:35 AM

Blogger mark wallace said...

I mean, "To the end of the world!"

3:18 PM

Blogger Blood And said...

You is crazy, my friend. Crayzay. DG

10:14 AM

Blogger mark wallace said...

Grab the brisket before somebody snatches it and takes it to Nashville.

10:54 AM


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