Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Charm City

I come to you, today, from Charm City -- Bawlmer, Md. -- City of Junk & Junkies, Flunk & Flunkies, Punk & Li'l Punkins, Funk & Funky Ones, and the Majestic, but Vanishing, Oriole -- at the (temporary) desk of my new digs, at MICA, to hold forth on the status of Drink & Walkie Talkies.

We will be meeting this week, at 7:30, at Angles, until? Given the fact that I, myself, am commuting to Baltimore these days, I will not be at Drink & Walk too, too long this week, but I will be there for a bitteen. Holding down the fort otherwise will be Poet, Translator, and International Man of Intrigue, Generous Sir Hot Rod SmithSmith Smith -- and Star Emeritus Mel (Melissa) Nichols. Join us if you can. -----D, B.A.,G


Blogger mark wallace said...

Bit by slow bit, they take everything worthwhile away.

11:24 AM

Blogger Blood And said...

they take the oriole and they effck it up the arse. look at that bird. god damn it. ba

11:31 AM


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