Wednesday, December 19, 2007

If it's not Merry, well fck it

Hello all, & happy merry etc. We have us here the first Drink & Walk invite in quite a while. We shall be gathering tomorrow night at 7 PM at Ye Olde Angles. That's actually just Angles actually, mayhaps for the season it should in fact be Ye Olde, but it's not. Or so they would have us believe. She then approached me about buying her desk. So come along as Mr Mark Wallace is a 100% show-up and show-off candidate, & our nationwide pre-drink & pre-walk polls show a startling coincidence in that one Thomas Orange is at exactly 90% in the likelihood department for both drinking and walking. We shall welcome them back to DC for the Holiday happening they are have been and are constituted by.

That's 7 PM at Angles for good cheer(s). I, The Deed-doer, her very own Star Emeritus, and the one the only Blood& shall also be in attendance. So come on out & dance.

Angles is located at 18th Street & Belmont in Adams Morgan. Right there.