Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Drink & Walk goes Mediterranean this week. Please join us at Cafe Olé
at 7 PM for fine beverages and a lovely dining experience, like they
say. We will likely be making use of the big outdoor patio and Flash
the Basset Hound will be there!

Cafe Olé is just down Wisconsin Ave from the Tenley Metro, 4000
Wisconsin Ave, just across from the Friendship Heights Post Office.

If you are having desires of further informations about this here cafe go to:

It's got that European charm which doesn't mean you shouldn't bring
your European charm, if you have one, we'd like to see it. I have a
Turkish good luck charm for example. I use it to confuse American
legislators. Mapquest says the driving time from Tenely Metro to Cafe
Olé is 2 minutes. So overcome your fear, Olé!


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